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thursday. a memorial is at the site of the fire, stuffed animals and balloons continue to grow as the community deals with the loss of four children. game five is underway, o's and yankees in a do or die to get to detroit. word came this afternoon that alex rodriguez will be on the bench for the game. we will be back live in new york at 6:00. let's get a look at the first forecast. >> wyatt everhart is hanging out at the zoo and really big friends. you got big ears and everything. there you go. you have changed. >> reporter: i mean i'm here to do weather and talk to some of the fine people at the maryland zoo and promote the maryland gem. how do you compete with it? it's the best television you are going to see.
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dolly here, either 35 or 36, there is some debate. she is in her mid 30s, looks rather robust and holding her own. snack on afternoon hay here. it's amazing to see the animals up close. right here in baltimore, it's an easy drive from annapolis or bel air, where ever you are watching from. all the festival runners will be running through the park tomorrow. that will be great for them. lots coming up at the zoo over few weeks, we have got the octo bear fest and the boo zoo as we approach halloween. it's been cooling off out here. the winds have been whipping around a little bit out of the north. a freeze watch for the extreme northern and western parts of our state in the pennsylvania as well. temperatures now fallen from the 60s in to the 50s, flirting with upper 40s to the north and west. this is the scenario k
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temperatures dropping off sharply. the city including the zoo, we should stay above the freezing mark overnight. there will be frost in the morning in areas to the north and west. we will talk about how the entire weekend unfolds, so much going on, here at the zoo and across the state over the weekend. we have the details coming up. daniel got the thrill of his life by throwing out the first pitch in 15 years. big on nor. >> the orioles -- honor. >> brawn brian kuebler is here with more on how the baltimore blast are looking to score a goal against bullying. >> reporter: giving daniel the hop nor of throwing out the first pitch sunday night, spoke up against bullying, each louder than this stadium sounded, over the first two games. now, just a week later, the baltimore blast is blocking the
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lean with its own nod to the shooting victim. >> it hit home. it's in our backyard right now. er we got the stop and be able to put our arms around kids, that are getting picked on and say everything is going to be later. >> reporter: which is why the blast is putting on a clinic in white marsh. in honor of daniel. they are calling it a soccer festival. blast players will be there signing autographs, playing mini games with daniel's youth team and plenty of activities through soccer fans and families. it's free to attend, but is meant to raise money for daniel's family, now saddled with the hospital bills from the damage that shotgun caused on the first day of school. >> we feel great about it. every penny of tomorrow's events will go to daniel's fun. this is what we are about. we are out in the community. >> reporter: the outpouring has been special. as he continues to heal, the
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focus now starts to switch toward prevention. >> use the gun safety lock. it costs just a few dollars. in this case we will give to it you free. >> reporter: today baltimore county police launched a program fox you live in baltimore county, you can walk up to any precinct, and get up to 3 gun locks for free. the baltimore county police foundation donated nearly $5000 to start this program, and the chief says as these gun locks are handed out, his department will look to fund more. >> we will look for measures or means to continue this one. this is good stuff. this is smart, proactive, our f our communities. use the gun locks. >> reporter: a measure that may have prevented the shooting at perry hall and life threatening injury to daniel. his story not just causing change but continuing to rally a community. in reisterstown, brian kuebler, abc2 news. that soccer festival
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sponsored by the baltimore blast will be at honeyville park from 2:00 until 6:00 p.m., in addition to the money raised , the blast plan on donating $3 for some of the tickets sold for their home opener november 3rd. for information, call the team at 41073 blast. more trouble for a local plastic surgeon we profiled as part of a investigation in to bad medicine. doctor ramierez had his licensed revoked for violating standards of care. it came after two patients at the clinic died following lengthy plastic surgery procedures as result of what happened here , the florida board of medicine had to evaluate him because he is licensed there. at a hearing today he was allowed to keep his license but hit with a fine and reprimands. a threat facing the u.s. that could result in a cyber pearl harbor, according to defense secretary leon panetta.
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he said the nation is increasingly vulnerable to foreign computer hackers, that could freeze the banking system, or shut down power plants. several of the biggest banks were hit by hacker whose kept customers from logging in to accounts. that the tip of the iceberg. >> the cyber attack perpetrated by nation states are violent extremist groups, could be as destructive as the terrorists attack on 9/11. >> he says such an attack could paralyze the nation. no secret that banks are increasing fees to make up for the lost revenue in other areas. >> do you know what they are charging you? details that sheds light on what you are having to pay to keep the account. you.
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we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you.
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banks started adding fees to your checking account to make up for losses in other areas. a new study shows the banks aren't being up front about what they are charging you.
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12 banks done little to improve transparency. some don't list charges on the web sites while others are hidden in lengthy disclosure statements. time to stock up on the forever stamps, postage rates are about to go up again. allison is here to explain why. >> reporter: u.s. postal service is raising stamp prices on january 27th, if this seems familiar, it should, it was this time last year in tha the post office raised prices for 2012. why the increase? the u.s. ps says they are in a financial crisis. the agency lost almost $12 billion, so far this year, adding to years of losses. one big problem is that congressman dates that the postal service set money aside for future retiree costs , the payments are measured by the billions of dollars. combine that with the drop in mail volume and u.s. ps is begging congress to approve structural changes to the agency. some of the proposals are
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controversial, like cutting saturday mail delivery. lawmakers aren't expected to do anything any time soon. as a result, a first class stamp is going up $0.01 to $0.46, postcard stamp is going up $0.01, and will cost $0.33. letters to international destinations will cost $1.10. shipping costs are rising too, raising prices is one of the few things the post office can do without approval from congress. . the freckled face redheaded girl, so anonymous with wendy's burgers is getting a new look. she will look slightly older , the logo will not say old fashioned hamburgers. this is the first change to the design in 30 years, the company hopes to rebrand as a higher quality food chain. jackson's jobs and shovel of malarkey, the take away words from the vice
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presidential debate. we are taught how to read nutrition labels on people food, what about dog food? the word and phrases you need to look for before you buy stuff. coming up.
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now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> a gorgeous day today, chance we are going to hit 70s in next couple of days. >> we can use it after freezing at night. wyatt everhart is at the zoo with a be upch of friends. now she is looking over you shoulder there. she kind of likes you. >> reporter: yes, this is ana, she is quite the amazing animal. she has been hanging on. i don't see a lot of, there are snacks left. let's bring in mike, you are the general cure curator at
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the zoo. tell us something that the average person around around maryland that would know about elephants. >> the nose, take a look at her nose, there are 50,000 individual muscles in her nose alone. you have less than 800 in your body. she has that many in her nose. which is incredible. >> what poundage would you say, i know you are nervous to talk about a lady's weight, what kind of size and weight are we talking? >> she is sitting in around 7800 pounds right now. >> a slim 7800. yeah, a nice slender frame, looking good lately, good shape. that's a good weight for her. >> keep it under 8000 pounds and you are good. what about some, when people come out, they can get pretty close to the elephants, there are other large animals as well. the giraffes and everything.
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talk about that. >> we have a nice variety here of things for people to see, if you are in to the big animals, we have the rhinos, giraffes and polar bears, exhibits are designed in a nice way you can get close, natural behaviors, doing what they would do, if they were running around in the wild. >> fantastic, we will tray to get people out here. you have events coming out for fall, including the, are you a beer drinker? >> just a bit. >> octo bear fest is going to be a lot like the brew at the zoo but the fall version for the first time ever. >> the zoo boo comes up closer to halloween. thank you so much my friend, we appreciate all you do at the zoo. we drive by it all the time, but we don't get in here as much as we should. a quick check of the october forecast. you have runners coming through for the running festival. some of the runs come through here. its going to be a chilly start, down 30s, we will look for
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improving weather through day. breezy all day. 58 at best. sunday, warmer but windier for the ravens. if you are headed to the reigns game, expect windy conditions, warm in the low 70s. next week as we hope to bring the orioles home for home playoff, rainmaker next week, should be clearing out in time for that. that is it for now from the maryland zoo. one last look here at good friend ana. what do you think, under 8000 pounds, i'm told that's lean and mean for an elephant. she is a heck of a woman there. now democracy 2012 news, good news for mitt romney, poll out of florida shows he has an edge over president obama. a cnn orc international poll says paul ryan came out on top last night. we will have more on that
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coming up. candidates maybe vying for popularity points, but this guy doesn't need more popularity, big bird. romney mentioned the character, orders for costumes have been surging all over the country. the retail price is between 40- $100 for big bird suit. store owners expect prices to rise because of the great demand. when you shop for pet food you see all sorts of eye catching claims to pick one product over another. what do all natural or ultra premium mean. how do you know what is best for your breast friends? brian kuebler brings the scoop to make sure you get what you are paying for. >> reporter: alaina tried ten different dog foods for her dog, happy, she researched ingredients, searched labels to finds one that didn't upset his stomach. >> it was frustrating trying to figure out what the claims were
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actually trying to say. >> reporter: when it comes to pet food, fda and usda regulate terms on the bag or condition but we found not all claims are regulated or clearly defined. >> there are a lot of buzz words out there right now that pet food companies are putting on labels, because it's what the hot in the market. >> reporter: organic is one of those buzz words. the fda says there are no official rules governing the labeling of organic foods for pets. what about claims like premium, super premium, ultra premium. the foods are not required to contain different or higher quality ingredients. >> those are defined by the marketplace. >> reporter: veterinarian katie nelson says a lot of the terms maybe more about marketing, like the phrase, natural, we found no fta definition for that term. but there are industry guidelines set up for the pet food companys to follow, there should not be artificial flavors, colors or
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preservatives, however, you can still be using by-products and using all sorts of things that might not be the best quality, but still natural. so you can put natural on the labels. >> reporter: look for claims that say complete and balanced. that's actually defined by law, a company must prove it's pet food con contain all the nutrients necessary for a healthy dog or cat. why would pet food makers put the other claims on products , the pet food institute believe pet owners know the difference. >> they know the coats and energy levels and how much the cat or dog likes the food. >> reporter: during all the research she could to find the best pet food was confusing at times, but well worth it. >> usda is working hard to come up with rules and regulations to define criteria for pet
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food. if you have questions, ask your vet. moving to democracy 2012. emily schmidt joins us live with a look back on last night's debate and where the candidates go from here. >> reporter: hi, in some ways it is one and done for the vice presidential candidate, this was the only time they were going to meet. they kept this race close, they kept people talking about the election and that's just now 25 days away. political back and forth doesn't come faster than it did at last night's debate. interruptions, contradictions, fueling both directions, in tebeen a draw. a snap orc international poll of people who watched the debate found 48% favored paul
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ryan, 44% favored vice president biden, the sampling error makes it statistically even. two people saw clear cut winners. this was one person on stage who was thoughtful, and respectful, steady, and poised, the kind of person you want to turn to in a crisis, the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> joe biden was terrific. >> reporter: president obama stayed in washington today but for everyone else, campaigning picked right up again. mitt romney began in virginia, a state democrats say republicans want to take back. >> virginia is going to get me the white house. >> reporter: vice president biden went to paul ryan's home state. >> anyone who watched that debate, i don't think this is any doubt that congressman ryan and it, governor romney and the president have a fundamentally different vision for america. >> reporter: people are keeping one eye on the debates , the
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other on polls. mitt romney is pulling ahead in florida, 51% support compared to 44%, a month ago the president was ahead by 1%. factor in the mar margin of error, dead heat in the poll. another reason people are looking forward to tuesday night tings second of three presidential debates. we'll be right back. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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you may remember 81 year old laverne, began a youtube
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sensation after she almost fell out of a sky diving harness. you would think she would want to take it easy without risking her life again. >> she is a risk taker, went from jumping out of a plane, inside a race car. that is her zipping around the crack in californiam she didn't get to sit in the drive's seat but enjoyed the ride never the less. everett is not done with race cars, she is heading to another event where she is serving as the grand marshal. >> fantastic. >> more runners and cars on the roads tomorrow for the annual baltimore running festival. >> we will tell you what you are asked to wear if you go to watch at 6:00, which starts right now.
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all down to this, the last game of the series, the o. s are battling the -- o's are battling the yankees. >> one day after fire claims the life of four children and grandmother, a memorial to the family continues to grow. how some remember the grandmother, who wouldn't leave her grand children to die. >> scoring goals to win one against the bullies, the soccer festival that will help one local teen shot at a school recover. but let's get to our top story tonight, o's have know it comes to this. the cheering or the crying. >> hopefully the cheering. o's and yankees are battling to see who moves onto the alcs to face detroit.


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